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We are working on a new booking platform which will be launching early next year.

Last Mile.

Shippers can load multi-stop routes, optimise their routes for efficiency, and rely on scheduled owner drivers to handle the final leg of the journey.


What sets us apart.

MzansiGO redefines Last Mile logistics with a people-centric approach, precise scheduling, and dynamic trip management, providing a one-stop platform.



Experience precision in every aspect of scheduling and planning with MzansiGO. Our Last Mile solution goes beyond conventional logistics, focusing on meticulous scheduling, route optimization, and multi-stop deliveries. This not only reduces costs for shippers but also saves valuable expenses for transporters.



In the heart of Last Mile at MzansiGO lies our people-centric philosophy. We understand that the human touch is irreplaceable in logistics. From dedicated drivers to shippers, our platform fosters connections, ensuring a personalized and reliable last-mile experience.



Last Mile is the dynamic core of MzansiGO's logistics solutions, offering a game-changing approach to trip management. Seamlessly upload shipments, create trips, request transporters, and track drivers and deliveries throughout the entire journey.


Route Optimization for Cost Savings.

Experience unparalleled efficiency with our route optimisation tools designed for maximum cost savings. Through meticulous planning, we aim to reduce operational costs and delivery times, ensuring that your logistics processes are streamlined and financially optimised.


Multi-Stop Deliveries Simplified.

Say goodbye to the complexities of multi-stop deliveries. Our platform offers streamlined management of intricate delivery routes, allowing for easy uploading of shipments and the creation of comprehensive trips. Requesting transporters is hassle-free, providing you with a simplified and efficient solution for your multi-stop logistics needs.


Comprehensive Trip Management.

Navigate your logistics journey with ease through our comprehensive trip management system. Acting as a centralized hub, it oversees every aspect of your trip, offering real-time tracking of drivers and shipments for enhanced transparency. This level of control ensures accountability at every stage, providing you with confidence and efficiency throughout the logistics journey.

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